Quick Tip: Give Your Blog a Seasonal Facelift


The Daily Post

Last week, Erica gave you some tips for spring cleaning your blog. The start of a new season is also a nice time to make some appearance updates, and refreshing your blog’s appearance can re-energize you as a blogger.

(We’re talking tweaks, not a total overhaul — you probably like a lot of things about your blog, and you’ll want to keep some things consistent to avoid confusing your readers.)

I’ve always admired bloggers who freshen up their layouts while keeping their blog’s feel and branding consistent. Super-popular mommyblogger Dooce changes her header image every month — you can see a collection of all her past headers here — and food blogger Matt Bites creates headers seasonally to highlight the shifts in what he’s cooking and eating.

For the past year or so, I’ve used a version of Ryu customized with a small header image, dark gray background, and bold white…

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